A downloadable Jam Game for Windows

Made for Ludum Dare.

You found something you weren’t supposed to, didn’t you? It shakes and hums and rumbles with vim. Lead your Bakemodachi to its ultimate form.Poop.gif

Tips and Tricks: The more you feed you Bakemodachi, the faster it will grow! Remember to pet and clean your Bakemodachi every day. You can only pet once per day but you can clean as long as you have water! This will prevent your Bakemodachi from getting sick. You may want to keep some medicine on hand if you have some extra money! Every 4 days you will be charged for utilities. If you don’t have enough, you will not be charged, but they will be turned off! Every 5 days there is a sale on Meat. Stock up while you can! When you see a thermometer, your Bakemodachi is sick! Use medicine to heal him and restore one point of health! As long as the Hunger bar has at least one unit, Bakemodachi will not take damage the next day. If you’re low on cash, try to ration! Sorry this game is sort of hard! I LOVE YOU AND BELIEVE IN YOU AND BAKEMODACHI! THERE IS A SPECIAL ENDING!


Bakemodachi LDJAM 46.exe 24 MB

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