A downloadable Jam Game for Windows

Made for Ludum Dare 47

Help Loop-chan die!

Hey this came out not so bad. It’s still rough but it works for the most part.

TIPS AND TRICKS: -Press Spacebar to Loop and ride your clones to victory! Looping in air is OP!

-If it’s getting too crowded or your loops are taking too long and you can see a better solution, press T to Try Again! This will reset the level you are currently on, which also makes it good for when you get stuck because i programmed bad!

-There’s only ten levels and the text only means something if it means something to you!

-Try to beat the game in as few Loops as possible!!!!

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LDJAM 47 Loop-chan In Space.exe 23 MB


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Got at least 60 loops at the end.

Was fun.